Monday, 7 May 2012

M-M-M'12 Days 2-5

My new remote control is not coping with more than a tiny distance - but luckily I've found some great photo helpers for MMM to date.

On Wednesday (day 2) after a coffee & stats meeting my colleague Ken was happy to help, and even made useful suggestions about where to stand in relation to the sun. I forgot to tell him how to focus the camera, but he did a fine job anyway and said he could help on other days too. Aww thanks Ken!

This is my new Vogue skirt - the skirt feels very comfortable although it feels as though there may be some puffing out in the backside, so perhaps it's supposed to be tighter or perhaps my fabric has relaxed. I'm wearing this pretty much exactly as when I first showed it to you - not very imaginative, I know!

On Thursday (day 3) my colleague Marylene came out for a lunchtime walk, even though I explained it was going to be a "photo" walk. She was glad to help too! She was very aware of the light, she showed a great eye for locations, and she managed to take fantastic pictures that didn't need any cropping, unlike mine.  

There are several of these big rocks in a group - I really like this sculpture.  

Marylene's photos are better than my originals for this jacket - V - and I think she's made it look as good as it feels. The dress (V ) has been a bit of a corporate workhorse; I wear it year round and I suppose it's getting a bit tired. Might have to remake it one of these days!

On Friday (day 4), a really busy day in our team, Marylene again agreed to come out for a photo walk. When I told her how much I loved her photos from yesterday she showed me a few other photos on her mobile - a beautifully framed photo of a friend in her bridal dance, and a perfect sunset. Talk about hidden talents!

My loud and cheerful self-drafted kimono sleeve t-shirt - which I can now see is significantly too big - looked like it should be snapped alongside the colourful toilet doors at Barangaroo (which we'd spotted on our Thursday walk).


Unfortunately I hadn't yet read about the Friday photo themes, but I'm thinking to take part in the rest of them... for the record, if I'd known I should have been thinking food not toilet doors :-)

Yesterday (day 5) my son helped out, taking snaps after a soccer match in which he played his heart out. His team lost but played well - their third loss in a row, but their skills are improving and they are no doubt learning more from losing than they would from winning.

A friend told me that evening that I'm the sort of person who's never prepared to make myself look ridiculous - I think she's wrong, and to prove the point here are some ridiculous photos for the day:

This is an old kimono sleeve t-shirt, self-drafted using very a nice jersey from Tessuti Fabrics.  Evidently I have done nothing to these photos at all.... and I probably need to give my son a few more photography top tips - or even introduce him to Marylene.

My daughter has also been doing her bit towards my MMM'12 commitment. Here she is on day 2, having a hilarious time losing a sandal:

wearing a summery Burdastyle dress (originally blogged here) and an unblogged hoodie originally made for her big brother from Burda paper pattern 9614 (similar hoodie in pink blogged here).

On day 3 she chose a me-made t-shirt dress which I can't wait for her to grow out of because it's just embarrassing to think I made it (pale pink with green, yellow and blue naive flowers, and a terrible 80s pattern). I won't show you a photo of that one.

- SKIP - 

But she kept up the effort on day 4, playing at the park:

here she's wearing a me made long sleeve t-shirt (I think from a Burda paper pattern) to which I added ruffles, + a necklace she made herself.

Ken, Marylene and my son don't read this blog, but one day they may, so I am hereby recording my appreciation.  And thinking about the next 25 or so favours I'll be needing this month :-)


  1. Fabulous outfits. I've also spent the week persuading people to take photos of me. I think by the end of the month friends and family may start hiding when they see me approaching!

  2. Fab photos - you are certainly putting my backyard or bedrooom curtain backed photos to shame. I can't beleive your colleagues don't read your blog. I'd be dying to find it after helping you take photos.

  3. What nice colleagues . Those dunny doors are great - perhaps that should be a theme for a day - have your photo lurking around the toilets ! Your outifts looks good too BTW.

  4. Nice backdrops. Those sculptures are amazing! Your MMM outfits have all come together nicely.

  5. Hi Gabrielle - I've been seeing your photos on the Flickr MMM12 group, and then realized I hadn't yet replied to your comment on my blog...I plead overwork as the excuse for my neglect.
    My son really wanted to have a ninja costume, so we used Simplicity 8644 (but there are a lot of other easy ninja patterns out there; most kid costumes are just variations on a shapeless tunic). The most important thing was that he had a lot of enthusiasm for it and got to pick the pattern and fabric himself, and he got to use MAMA'S GOOD SCISSORS!

  6. What nice people you have at work, and your photo locations are very clever. I particularly like the dunny door shot, which could be some funky art gallery if you hadn't told us....Thanks for the giggle, and your outfits look great. It is nice to see what people wear in real life.


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