Thursday, 17 May 2012

MMM Days 12 - 16 (We're Half Way There)

I feel like breaking into that Bon Jovi song (Living on a Prayer, is that it?) but I don't remember the lyrics... probably not really right for MMM12, but we ARE more than half way there!

Over the weekend the weather turned cold - and so I am back to a more limited wardrobe, and the idea of wandering about at lunchtime with my colleague and taking a few snaps along the way is much less appealing. Apologies in advance, hope you can cope!

Working backwards so that you can get the better photos first:

Day 16 - today!

This morning didn't feel as cold as the last few mornings, so I braved it with just a mini jacket (also - not seen here - a ginormous woolly scarf / shawl, and a wool singlet). So the me-mades today were the lined jacket - made way back in the late 80s or early 90s from some lovely but quite lightweight wool, my recent polka dot silk top (made from an 80s Butterick pattern) and the pleat-front skirt made from an 80s Vogue pattern.

The jacket was posted in Me-Made-March'11 here, the polka dot silk top was posted here, and the skirt here.

Very conservative, isn't it - would you have picked this for an 80s outfit?

not sure that this helps really...
Day 15

I know this looks like lovely weather, but trust me, it was cold! The skirt here is made from V1038 and was introduced in Me-Made-March'11. Unfortunately it needs taking in: the waist is a good 4+ cm too large, which makes the waistine sit around my hips, and the knee length-ness become something very frumpy!  I guess I made this before I'd worked out my skirt sizing :-[. The pink merino wool top was a present last year from my mum and the purple scarf a present from my mother-in-law.

Day 14

Marylene and I ducked downstairs to the edge of the food court by our building for this photo - I should have brought my jacket with me, it was freezing!

My floral blouse is from pattern #125 of Burda magazine issue 2/2009 (in Japanese cotton + coordinating buttons from Tessuti fabrics), and was also seen last year:

Day 13 (Mother's Day)

Lovely cuddles from the kids, a croissant and coffee in bed, heartfelt homemade gifts from the kids.  My son was anxious that I be pleased he'd sewn something for me - I sure was!! - he sewed a felt dress for a wooden spoon doll he'd made at school: a neat running stitch down one side of the dress and a nice straight blanket stitch down the other!  My daughter made me a special book with a picture of a princess on one page AND a picture of a fairy on the other page, and was so excited about it that she gave it to me two days early.  Very lucky me :-)

It was a chilly, windy day when I got up.  The only me-made here is my self-drafted stripey top, originally blogged here (hmmm I do seem to have made a lot of stripey tops....).  I am keen on my improvised cuffs and the neck band.

Day 12

A bit chilly...  so I wore a 2010? bateau-neck wool jersey top from a BurdaStyle pattern, plus singlet, plus scarf from Nepal. Even though this is not a great photo, this is the best of about 15 I took with the remote controller and/or timer.  More photos of this top are also here - showing a bit of my stripe matching.

By the way - you may have noticed I haven't been posting photos of my daughter wearing me mades over this last week. She is definitely choosing to wear home made clothes most days, but I was finding it hard to make time for decent photos in the mornings, and by the afternoons she is always very, very grubby - so I'll just focus on my own me made efforts now.

Fingers crossed for more warm weather?


  1. Looks like you're still going strong. The print in your blouse is so pretty.I must admit I'm a bit of a sucker for stripes. I've been struggling a bit this week with MMM. I've had so many 'at home days' that I'm feeling like a complete dag!

    1. Thanks Bernice - I don't feel like I'm going strong though, I feel like I'm casting about in the wardrobe and clutching at straws! I love the clothes you've been wearing in MMM, you look to have such a fun set of me made clothes - not daggy at all!


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