Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Crafty Side of Last Week

Last week I worked 5 days, went to the gym 3 times, and went out for 3 meals, and still sewed a lot. The other thing I did was to ignore the internet - excepting google reader on my phone (where I can add a star but don't add comments, because the tiny phone keypad makes me write such absolute gobbledegook).  If you were one of the people that left me a lovely comment, I'm really sorry not to have replied yet -  I just don't seem to be able to multitask! My late evenings can be spent reading and commenting/replying/blogging OR sewing, and not both.  But next week I'm having time off work so I will be catching up.

Here's the craft side of what I made last week.

A couple of cushion covers:

My first Nicole Mallalieu pattern, the super-simple zipped pouch  - this one my purse test:

Then a pair of zipped pouches for my sister in law's upcoming birthday (it's OK, I'm just about 100% sure she's never read this blog).  If I can, I'll try to make a matching little bag too.

The outer of one is the lining of the other, and vice versa:

These pouches were made from the zipped pouch pattern in Ms Mallalieu's "You Sew, Girl" book.  I have to admit I felt like an absolute dunce making these - even though they were rated just Advanced Beginnner, it took me ages to understand what I was supposed to be doing.  I think I was distracted by the colourful photos illustrating the instructions; so different to the B&W words and line drawings of the Big 4 :-).

My purses are a bit wonky - obviously homemade - and I managed to set one of the zips too low!  I hope they're good enough for a gift.


  1. You've really scored yourself some beautiful prints. So often crafting fabric just seems to be a little more interesting. I'm thinking of zippered pouches being my go-to gift for 2012.

  2. The zips don't look wonky in your pictures, and your fabric choice is super. I am sure she will be delighted.


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