Sunday, 8 January 2012

A New BurdaStyle Girl's Dress

My daughter is shooting up like a rocket - and because she's growing so fast she requires replacement dresses. I kind of wish I could just whip us t-shirt style basics, but I guess that wouldn't satisfy either of us.

So here's the latest:

It hasn't photographed very well in the bright daylight, so here's a closeup:

This dress was made using pattern 148 from issue 6/2010 of BurdaStyle in a size 110cm height significantly lengthened as specificied by the client. I didn't really have enough of this fabric (or the trim,come to that) for anything more than a mini dress - hence the blue linen band around the bottom (scraps from my recent beach skirt).

Arm holes and neck hole are finished with a darker coloured bias binding, which I'm getting better at yay!

I finished this up late last night and wasn't sure if it was going to be a bit snug through the shoulders and torso so I added a button tab (gives a tiny bit more room in the back shoulders) and a very adult zipper concealed down the left hand side seam.

I had expected the blue linen band would be a bit of a problem. I was specifically instructed yesterday to use pale pink linen, because otherwise the dress would be "blue all over" - but  the pale pink looked awful! Luckily my little client is not too fussy so long as the end result is pretty.
I got a few more "orders" yesterday for more dresses and skirts from back issues of BurdaStyle and Patrones Ninos, and we had even got as far as matching stash fabrics to patterns. However, I'm going to try to leave the pretty stuff aside for a little while as I really need to sort out some grown up trouser fitting issues so I can finish sewing these (graded up substantially !!!) before summer ends:



  1. Cute dress - love the neckline details. It's amazing how quickly they can shoot up isn't it!

  2. That's a very pretty dress. Nice sewing!

  3. Adorable dress! I love the fabric choice and the trim. Your prior post is amazing -- you were really productive in 2011!

  4. Cute dress, cute girl!
    She looks very pleased with her new dress.

  5. I love this dress. The colors and print are so pretty!

  6. Oh my that Ralph Lauren dress is absolutely stunning! I just love the cross straps at the back!
    Adorable dress for your daughter too...

  7. Such a cute little girl's dress. I love all the details. I think the solid band really adds to the design. I enjoyed your round up on your last post. You've had a very productive year.

  8. Your 'client' looks lovely in her new dress! I love the fabric choices too!

  9. So Boho Chic! I love it! I may have to dig out that issue. I believe I made my daughter the wrap dress on the cover. I love Burdastyle kid patterns!


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