Saturday, 19 February 2011

Commitment - March 2011

I've made the pledge over on Zoe's blog to participate in Me-Made-March this year. 

I, Gabrielle from, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-March '11.  I endeavour to wear one handmade piece of clothing or accessory for the duration of March 2011.

To be really honest, I should have lots of "me made" clothes that I could wear... but every day??? Commitment is hard.

I decided to check what I had and whether it would really be enough for 1 homemade garment per day for 31 consecutive days, the bulk of them work days.  Everything needs an iron , but this is what I found:

4 long sleeve knit t-shirts (1 has shrunk, 1 needs a side seam repair):

5 casual t-shirts, and 1 sleeveless t-shirt (only 3 t-shirts are photographed as 1 is missing, 1 is badly stained, and the sleeveless t-shirt is in the wash):

about 12 other tops (includes a couple suitable only for unpopular beaches or pulling weeds or something):


about 10 dresses (2 not photographed), mostly for casual wear, and 2 of them are incredibly ugly on me:


6 skirts (1 too tight, 2 borderline too tight, 2 too loose, and the other makes me look like a ball on legs),
1 pair of trousers and 1 probably too small jacket, and 1 handbag (not photographed):

It looks like enough, with some double-ups, but I think homemade skirts that fit will be a challenge. This weekend I'll try to work on that problem - I want to make a start on a couple more knee-length skirts, and I'm going to see if there's anything useful in my UFO pile. The other problem may be dressing nicely enough for work 5 days a week...  I guess if it all gets too hard I can carry my handmade handbag, can't I!


  1. You are miles ahead of me! I've got one skirt that I made and one that I substantially refashioned, plus a top. I'm planning a vest, another skirt, and at least one more top to start the month, plus pyjamas. All washable. No one says we have to wear a different piece every day, or dress at all on the weekends, right?

    (I think word verification is commenting on my fashion sense--my word is flumsto!)

  2. Wear nothing on the weekend? True, it's possible... maybe no posting a photo on those days, or your audience might change too much? I'm sure this exercise will prove we don't need so much - and that the 'unwearables' are a bit wearable. I look forward to seeing your new garments!

  3. I meant stay in my pajamas on the weekends. I promised to wear at least one hand-stitched item a day and, while doctors have put the odd stitch or two in my birthday suit, I guess it doesn't count as self-stitched!

  4. You've actually got a lot of stock! At least compared to me. I am a slow sewer. Maybe you could sew yourself a bag and carry it on the days that you don't have any outfits that are home sewn?

  5. Oh pajamas, KC, of course! Sorry to have assumed otherwise.

    Karin that's nearly 2 years worth of sewing, mostly easy things, and I guess I try to sew most evenings... but I wish I was faster and more skilled. The bag is a good idea. I do have a couple of cheery handmade totes I use to hold fabric so maybe they could swing into action if needed. I just had another idea - accessories - fabric necklaces are very quick!

  6. You do have a lot of clothes, I look forward to seeing how you mix them up differently each day!
    Although if you really don't wear some of them any more perhaps that is a good excuse to make something new?

  7. Carolyn, please don't expect too much! I'll probably only wear one handmade item per day as they don't really mix and match well! Yes, that's right, and seeing things that I do wear via the camera lens helps sort the wheat from the chaff too.


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