Monday, 21 February 2011

Blue Linen Skirt

I said I was going to "make a start on a couple more knee-length skirts, and ... see if there's anything useful in my UFO pile".  Well, ever the optimist when it comes to sewing!

Here's what I made: a blue linen skirt:

The fabric has been sitting in my stash for so many years that it even survived years of no sewing. As a consequence I have no idea where it's from. It seems to be a linen but quite a heavy one, and one that's very hard to iron, so apologies for the crushed look but I did have two attempts at ironing this, and even used lots of spray starch.   

I didn't use a pattern for the skirt but basically it's like my poppy skirt but with a waistband added and deeper pleats.

I think this fits me better than the poppy skirt but doesn't hang as nicely :-(  in the front.  

Anyway it's very comfortable and it's unlined, so should be useful when the weather is hot and the dress code informal.

I did also manage to dig about in my UFO collection. There were some surprises there - some projects that will take very little time to complete! Doesn't mean I'll get to them though.

And then there was this 1/2 made jacket:

Now theoretically this jacket, being of the same fabric, could go with the skirt above - and then there would be a (casual) suit. But honestly - just look at it!

This was one of the first sewing projects I embarked on when I started sewing again.  It's pattern 115 from Burda magazine 2/2009, which is usually sent to Australia by rowboat, so I would probably have started this in about June 2009 or later.  The shoulders look particularly amateurish even with shoulder pads in, but the collar is also shocking and I think I cut the sleeves too short (they're supposed to be 3/4 length).  I'd love to tell you I'll be fixing this up pronto but it's low on my priority list as I'm pretty sure it would be a lot of effort.

Next post I hope to be able to show you another skirt or a dress; I have some nice new silk twill that's all washed and ironed and ready to go.  No promises though as I am also way overdue on a knight's costume and a 3-year old's dress.


  1. I think your new skirt looks great with the red-striped Tshirt! Kinda nautical but nice styling!

  2. Very nice! I love the skirt with that top too.

  3. Thanks Carolyn, Jacquie - you're both being very kind!


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