Thursday, 17 February 2011

Black Linen Dress (Vogue 1025)

Please excuse my horrendous after-midnight photos, but here's the dress I'm talking about:


I started this dress in November I think, but of course the pattern has been around for years.

I thought this dress looked practical for sticky summer work days, so despite my whinging about the recent heatwave, in a way I hope we get some more warm weather out of summer.

The details: my version is made from black linen, with black lining. I started with a size 12, which fitted me around the shoulders, and did a dodgy grading up job as required around waist and hips. I added to the length midway down the skirt (in fact I don't think I needed the extra length), but left the high waist where it was and sewed a 1/2 belt and vintage fastening to the front waist. Otherwise I think I followed the patern instructions to the letter.

Since it's so hard to take photos of a black dress in the middle of the night, I tried the dress on my dear dummy (still sans post). I hope you can make these out but if they just look like black geometric shapes let me know and I'll have another go at taking photos within the daylight hours.

That funny little second hand belt buckle is my favourite detail!  I handstitched the underside of the upper edge of the grosgrain ribbon to the dress so it wouldn't sag or move out of place. 

This dress is not a dazzler, but I'm happy with my sewing work (if not my ironing) and the dress even looks presentable on the inside.  And it's always good to have another option to wear to work, especially one that fits - and especially with Me-Made-March approaching!


  1. It is a lovely dress and a great backdrop for belts with interesting closures. Your pleats look great and I know they were a bit of work because I have made this dress too.

  2. Beautiful LBD. You can't go wrong!

  3. Thanks Audrey, Joanne - I think it will be very useful in my work wardrobe but having taken so long on it I'm now bored with it. Audrey, you were one of the people whose footsteps I was following in!


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