Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Top C2: "Feminine Wardrobe" (Japanese Pattern Book)

 May I present top # C2 in the garden:


I think magnolias go with this top

 and also on me:

gee I hate getting my photo taken - even by myself!

this top is from the below Japanese pattern book for women.

I made the top in a size "LL" - according to the book's sizing chart I should definitely have made a smaller size, but I decided I would prefer this top quite loose.  The top was an absolute delight to sew - due to lovely fabric (beautiful cotton from Tessuti Fabrics in York St, Sydney) and a straightforward pattern that goes together nicely. I rather enjoy the freestyle form of sewing where you either don't have any instructions or can't read them, but when I was up to the attaching sleeves stage I was kind of relieved to come across this step-by-step tutorial, which confirmed the top was going together correctly (phew).

Although I made C2, the pattern I was really keen on was C3 - I didn't quite have enough fabric, even for a C3 top, so I'll have to make it another time - but have a look at this and this for great C3 examples.  It's the dress that's on the cover of the book - basically a longer version of the C2, with different sleeves and a big bow stretched across the front bodice.

PS this looks like a useful site for translating the commonly used kenji characters for sewing - and also this one spells out the basics of using a Japanese sewing pattern.  And this blog has several posts on the topic of Japanese crafting/sewing by guest blogger Kuky.


  1. Wow, what a cool top! I keep meaning to pick up one of those awesome pattern books.... Thanks for the inspiration.

    From someone who absolutely abhors self-photos, look into the camera and pretend your littlest kid just said something sweet and hilarious. It'll help. :)

    Again, great top, well done.

  2. What a beautiful blouse. The fabric is just perfect for the style. This pattern book look like a good one. I don't have it (yet). I enjoy sewing garments from Japanese pattern magazines and books. The books tend to have more directions than the pattern magazines. But in the magazines, the diagrams are so well drawn I can usually figure out what to do.

  3. Thank you Steph and Audrey - this is honestly one of the few garments I've made and really been happy with. It was pretty easy to make though!

    Steph, I will keep trying. I now know that what I thought was my 'oh that's interesting' look is actually a 'don't mess with me: I'm cranky!' look - ha! No wonder I have years of terrible photos.

    I haven't yet used a Japanese magazine Audrey, but the diagrams in the books are pretty clear! When I first used these books I would try to translate all the text, but now I just follow the pictures and make up anything in-between and it seems to work fine.

  4. I love your top! The fabric is beautiful and works great in this style.

  5. Oh finally I get to see your C2 top! It's beautiful, the fabric goes perfectly with the design. I love the sleeves, I haven't tried these ones yet but I definitely feel like it now that I've seen yours :)

  6. Thank you Sherry, and thank you Cecili!

  7. I loove that fabric! Wow this makes me so excited because I just ordered this book so now I know exactly what I will be making first.

  8. Thats lovely! I really want to get this book and try it out. Im a bit nervous though...
    you did a great job!


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