Saturday, 8 January 2011

Vintage Pajama Pattern Collection

I'm finishing Vogue 1025 in black linen, starting a new Japanese pattern, contemplating cute swimmers for my daughter (my partner popped into Tessuti Fabrics for me this afternoon with a sample of elastic to match and unfortunately he was given the wrong stuff, so that project will have to wait) and planning Vogue 1207... and I need to keep an ear out for my kids. 

As I can't work on or show you a finished garment, I thought I'd show you my vintage pajama pattern collection:


The bulk of the older patterns shown above were bought as one - they were all squished into a manila envelope in the "craft box" at one of my local second hand shops.  A crappy old envelope sounds like a terrible way to treat delicate patterns, but they were definitely better off in that envelope than being loose in the craft box with other patterns, knitting needles etc.  The one exception to the manila envelope rule is the 1920s women's pajamas which I couldn't resist on etsy. 

This sweet pattern was also shoved in with all the pajamas:

The more recent patterns were separate but mostly bought at the same place, same time or soon after. They were certainly very cheap - but I do NOT need any more pajama patterns.


  1. What a neat collection of vintage pajama patterns! I especially like the Style nightgown pattern. I am a nightgown wearer and find that vintage patterns are more to my taste than current patterns because they often have feminine details and don't require voluminous amounts of fabric.

  2. Such a fabulous collection, yes you do have a lot of pyjama patterns!! I really like the Style 2588 one. Sooo pretty!

  3. Thanks Audrey, Carolyn; yes, I think quite a few people prefer vintage nightgowns... and I think the above Style ones would be quite fetching. My favourites from this set are the first few - I just adore those old pattern envelope drawings.


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