Monday, 26 May 2014

MMMay14 Days 19 - 25

Sorry everyone, it's nearly over - normal blogging will resume soon!

Day 19
 On Day 19 I wore my "Love my 'Lisalex" dress to work with a favourite little RTW linen jacket. The dress was obviously too tight when I first made it, but this year it fits, though you really can't tell from these photos.  Not a good move to leave your MMM photos till you're on the way home, especially when wearing black!

Also, note to self: dark alley ways don't help!

I tried to get a photo out in the open but there were so many people going past - so embarrassing - sorry, that's another fail!

Photos taken by me with camera attached to a railing, bench, whatever via my gorillapod, on 10 second timer, with camera on continuous burst mode.

Day 20

Learning from my mistakes, day 20's me made was photographed at the start of the day on my way in to work.  Actually this isn't something I made, it's a top my mum made, but my MMM14 commitment lets me include other people's sewing (yes, I know that's a bit cheeky...)


Photos taken by me with camera attached to a railing via my gorillapod, on 10 second timer, with camera on continuous burst mode. 

Day 21

On day 21 I went for a walk to Circular Quay at lunch; I was planning on using the "Coathanger" (the Sydney Harbour Bridge) as a backdrop but because the lunchtime light was terrible for photos in that direction I flipped my camera around and used the city as a backdrop. I was wearing a silk twill skirt made from Vogue 1174 (which is a dress pattern, but very easily altered into a skirt pattern, and seems to suit a variety of fabrics) with an altered green silk RTW top (my mum's alterations though, not mine) and green cotton RTW jumper. I haven't been wearing this skirt lately as it had become too loose, but it only took 5 minutes on the sewing machine in the morning to add a couple of centimetres to the pleats - and whooshka, a skirt that fits again! I also hadn't realised it went with this lovely vibrant green; yet it's so much better a match than the teal blue I was wearing the skirt with last year!

Photos taken by me with camera attached to a bench via my gorillapod, on 10 second timer, with camera on continuous burst mode.

Day 22

On day 22 I wore my Vogue 1193 "Out of Darkness" dress - it probably looks OK from the front, and with a belt, but this dress is getting seriously baggy! I've included a photo that shows the side on baggy view, but if you look back at the original post you'll see this dress was meant to - and used to - fit like a glove! 

These pictures were taken in a big rush which is why I couldn't manage a proper, relaxed smile. I'd scoped out a nice backdrop on my way to get lunch at a foodcourt, but when I went back there 15 minutes later the place was cordoned off for a televised interview with some bigwig! Lesson learnt for next time: photos first, food second.


And here's the baggy view:


Photos taken by me with camera attached to a railing via my gorillapod, on 10 second timer, with camera on continuous burst mode.

Day 23

On day 23, a Friday, my manager and I had the pleasure of catching up with a colleague who's now on maternity leave and her darling little daughter.  Do you remember Marylene, who took the bulk of my photos for me in Me Made May 2013? I was wearing my "To the Gallery" vintage Vogue 8811 (reissue) dress with a boxy red linen jacket made from an 80s/90s Vogue 1325 pattern.

Marylene very kindly offered to take some photos for me, and I also got to borrow her daughter for a few minutes - isn't she gorgeous!


Photos taken by my colleague Marylene., with camera on continuous burst mode.

Day 24

Day 24 was just a regular Saturday with kids sport and a few jobs to get done. The weather was still beautiful, so I wore this linen top (unblogged, and I made it years and years ago; it's made from a Vogue pattern but I can't recall the pattern number and I know it'll definitely be OOP) with my Tessuti patterns Anita ponte pants and a necklace my daughter made me for Mother's Day last Sunday. I'm not going to show you a back view, but suffice to say these pants really need a longer top; the fabric is not really thick enough and it appears I've inadverdently done "leggings as pants". Oops, won't happen again!


Photos taken by me with camera on el cheapo tripod, on 10 second timer, with camera on continuous burst mode.

Day 25

Day 25 was a very productive day - I practically finished my Papercut patterns pleated pants! If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I started them last weekend, and there have been some dramas along the way.  After reading everyone's reviews I went boldly ahead and cut them out 2 sizes smaller than my measurements... well, guess what? The new prints of the pattern aren't as big as the original prints, and the sizing is now true! So these pants now have "feature" stripes down the leg outers, and hidden stripes down the leg inners. They do seem to fit though, which is a relief.

Oh yes, and I wore another Vogue 1174 pleated skirt in aqua linen (hmm I've made this pattern about 4 times I think...) with a grey pleated t-shirt made using a vintage Advance pattern. It's still warm weather here...

Photos taken by me with camera on el cheapo tripod, on 10 second timer, with camera on continuous burst mode.

I'm aiming to wear 10 me mades each 7 days in May. My tally for this week is 10 me mades in 7 days, including repeats and a top made by my mum, and to date that's 38 me mades in 25 days.

See you soon

Gabrielle x


  1. I'll be sad when MMM is over as I love seeing where you'll be taking your photos. You're brave to take them with so many other people around.

    I think it's fine to wear Anita's as pants!

  2. Jean McPherson26 May 2014 at 18:09

    You must have an extensive "me made" wardrobe, Gabrielle. Great photos. Love the pretty dress you are wearing, sitting on the picnic blanket.

  3. Gabrielle Corbett26 May 2014 at 19:26

    Oh that's so nice to hear - and phew! I was worried I was boring everyone except the MMMay-ers! The public photos can be difficult, but I do find peoples' reactions very interesting (ranging from disapproval to amusement) and the adrenaline rush is fun.

    I think I should have shown you the rear view of these particular Anita pants ;). My other pair are perfectly good as pants but these looked pretty awful from the back - like I was wearing blue tights and had forgotten my skirt!

  4. Gabrielle Corbett26 May 2014 at 19:31

    Yes, it IS quite extensive... I'm a hoarder so I've still got clothes that I made years and years ago! Thank you Jean, I'm enjoying the month and the push it's giving me to dress up - even on 'casual' days.

  5. your photos are so good! Am going to have to steal your idea of the gorillapod for next years MMM

  6. Gabrielle Corbett27 May 2014 at 00:25

    Thank you! Yes, do - it has been soooo useful, a selfie game changer!

  7. You do take amazing photos and even us Sydneysiders enjoy the various views. So glad your floral skirt is now wearable and it looks perfect with the vibrant green.

  8. Love all your outfits and your photos and the stories that accompnay them. You took the trouble to take photos in different locations, and I do enjoy them so much. My fave piece this week is the linen shirt from years ago, it still looks fresh and crsip! And your pants really look like pants, not leggings at all, but I also know that in real life, things can look very different from what we see in photos :) And so glad that your Papercut pants turned out fine! They do look runway stylish with the contrast band.

  9. Great outfits and your photos are fantastic! I love seeing the locations as much as the outfits!

  10. Hang in there. Your clothes are fabulous as are your pics too.
    Wait a minute, you've also sewn these yourself. Brilliant!

  11. Gabrielle Corbett30 May 2014 at 23:04

    Thanks Sharon :). Sydney is very photogenic, especially when the sun is shining! I'm really loving that vibrant green - not that I necessarily need more colour in my wardrobe lol.

  12. Gabrielle Corbett30 May 2014 at 23:09

    Thanks Erin, I'm glad you're enjoying it; it is a bit of work to find new places to take photos but it's less embarrassing this way - I'm so much less likely to be spotted by the same passersby if I keep changing my location :). The linen top is still looking good because it hasn't been worn very much even though it's old, but the pants really do look awful when seen from the back :(. Thank you!

  13. Gabrielle Corbett30 May 2014 at 23:11

    Thanks Andrea :) I'm glad you're enjoying it. The city makes for a much more attractive backdrop than my home - I might need to move my regular blog photos into town too!

  14. Gabrielle Corbett30 May 2014 at 23:14

    Thank you Maria, you're always so kind! As of tonight (30th May) I just want the month to stop! Oh well, I'll just go out with a fizz tomorrow...


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