Sunday, 11 May 2014

MMM Days 4 - 10

Here goes - more Me Made May documentation, taking me up to Saturday the 10th of May:

Day 4

Day 4 was a quiet Sunday at home, with a park playdate in the late afternoon. My house is freezing, so even though it was a lovely sunny day I absolutely rugged up - in my Tessuti patterns Anita pants in "Bleach Boys" ponti (pants blogged here). Rachel has a matching pair; did anyone else make Bleach Boys Anita pants?

Photo taken by me with camera on a tripod, on 10 second timer, with camera on continuous burst mode.

Day 5

Day 5 was a day of annual leave for me, but I couldn't just laze about in ponte pants all day because I had to go visit a school and make a good impression on the staff.  I basically dressed as I would for work: my recent floral silk twill top coupled with black RTW trousers, black shoes and a lightweight black RTW coat (not pictured).

These pictures were taken on my way home from the school. The top is really hard to photograph for some reason, even up close!


Photo taken by me with camera balanced on my car using the gorillapod, on 10 second timer, with camera on continuous burst mode.

Day 6

Back to work. The days are getting cold on either end, but since I work short days I can mostly ignore that and dress for middle-of-the-day-in-the-city weather (which is up around 20 - 22C lately).  I wore this wild, floral jersey dress (Vogue 8511) that I don't wear too often - I worry that it's too exuberant for work, but when I posted this Me-Made-May dress on Instagram I got lots of encouragement, and I've decided the big colours can come back and stay. [Although I do need to take this dress in before I wear it again.]

Anyway, at lunchtime I took my exuberant dress for a walk down to The Rocks, to a lovely bright pink door I'd spotted last week. I attached my camera around a telegraph pole, and waited for people to pass so I could take some photos. While I was waiting I noticed a woman hanging around way past the end of her cigarette to watch me. I took a couple of photos and checked them, and then she approached. "Art project?", she asked. "No, no, it's me made May, which is a month when people who sew from all over the world wear things they've sewn and take photos to share what they've worn blah blah blah..." "Aha! Yes, art project!" And now satisfied, she was able to walk away.

Photos taken by me with camera attached to telegraph pole, on 10 second timer, with camera on continuous burst mode.

Day 7

On day 7 I wore my blindingly white Vogue peplum top (it's too white, I need to dye it - the colour is awful on me, though you won't be able to tell because it's apparently impossible to photograph) with THE pair of work pants that fit and my perfect-for-this-time-of-year unlined wool Donna Karan jacket. I love, love, love the shape of these clothes together, but they really do not want to be photographed!

My work day was hectic so I didn't have much of a lunch break to take photos. I found a simple backdrop in some shade, and found a railing to attach my camera to, but the photos I got were hopeless. I must have been making some pitiful faces as I reviewed my efforts, because a group of random passersby - fellow office workers - smiled and offered to help! Oh, the kindness of strangers :). They did a pretty good job too, considering the challenge of photographing both black and white together! 

First photo taken by passersby :) on continuous burst mode, second photo (earlier) taken by me with camera attached to a railing, on 10 second timer, on continuous burst mode.

Day 8

Day 8, and my son woke up feeling and looking ill so I stayed home with him and took the opportunity to tackle some challenging code while he read and did homework (that's right, staying home sick is not fun around here!).  I wore the orange/coral and cream merino wool top I made last year. It coordinates with the blue one with horizontal stripes, though obviously I'm never going to wear them together - but they're some of my absolute favourite colours.

Photos taken by me with camera on a tripod, on 10 second timer, with camera on continuous burst mode.

Day 9

I love Fridays! It's nearly the weekend, and my Friday workload is usually absolutely reasonable. The weather turned glorious and sunny in time for a walk at lunchtime down to the King Street Wharf before a delicious vegetarian curry at Peace Harmony on Erskine Street.

I wore my blue Anita ponti pants, found last night hiding under some RTW pants (I've been looking for them for so long!), with an ex-maternity top, the grey wool Donna Karan jacket I've been wearing nearly constantly, a colourful scarf and some equally colourful felt beads from a sale in a children's clothing shop.


Photo taken by me with camera attached to a handrail or pylon using the gorillapod, on 10 second timer, with camera on continuous burst mode.

Day 10

It's the weekend! Saturday started off busy with kids' activities, but the afternoon was lovely and quiet. I wore my Grainline Moss Mini denim skirt with everything else RTW - I was planning to wear more me mades, but was too tired when I woke up to sort out an interesting me made outfit.

Photos taken by me with camera on a tripod, on 10 second timer, with camera on continuous burst mode.

I'm aiming to wear 10 me mades each 7 days in May, and my tally for this week is 11 me mades in 7 days, including repeats (my wool jacket). And to date that's 15 me mades in 11 days. 

My wardrobe still has plenty of choice in it if I ignore fit, but the photo taking is becoming an impost and my Instagram pics are pretty dodgy. Anyway, time to head over to the Flickr pool and share these me mades with the group.

Thanks for reading!

Gabrielle x


  1. Forgive if I don't comment on all MMM posts, but I just loved your floral dress. I also have the bleach boys fabric from Tessutis. Am resisting turning it into pants!

  2. Gabrielle Corbett11 May 2014 at 23:49

    Thanks for commenting Gail, and don't feel obliged to comment on all the MMM posts - I know I haven't been commenting on all the posts I want to, but there really aren't enough hours in the day! I'm glad to hear you love the floral dress :) I love it too but I do get wary of dressing so colourfully for work... Ah no, well seeing as we live in the same city I guess having pants in the same fabric would be risky! The fabric is pretty cosy - have you got something in mind for it?

  3. You look gorgeous in everything! My faves are the peplum blouse and the denim skirt! I love the coats too, but it's too hot to wear clothes where I am :( And how do you manage to look younger and younger, pray tell what's the secret? :)

  4. Thank you Jean :). Are you participating too? The flickr pool this year is a bit overwhelming - I don't have a good feel for who's in this year!

  5. Aw thanks Erin :). I can imagine you wouldn't need coats or jackets, but you do knit up some gorgeous jumpers and cardigans! I'm probably looking healthier this year - I changed GP late last year and I'm now getting proper treatment for a longstanding thyroid problem!

  6. Jean McPherson12 May 2014 at 20:03

    Yes Gabrielle, I am participating for the first time but I have only posted my outfits to my blog

  7. I love it all! I swear I used to,have the same sweater as your black one, just in a pinkish colour. We truly are fashion twins! But day 5! And day 7! And oh my.. Swoon... Day 6. I love that dress. You seriously are soooooo stylish

  8. I love all your makes! The pink and red color combo is awesome! I'm finding it so hard to comment on everyone's pics on flickr so this is great to see yours here! You are taking great pics!

  9. Looking fabulous and so glad your bright V8511 brightened the city, it needs to be worn more often.

  10. Oh I would love the same jumper in pink - I think we may well be fashion twins :). Which means of course that I can only be stylish if you are!

  11. Thanks Margo, I love all your makes too! I can't comment on everything this year either - so many people! I'm way behind even with my flickr likes :(.

  12. Thanks Sharon, that top really is very bright in real life...


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