Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Blinder (V8815 #2)

Another V8815 (OMG on sale now) - how could I stop at just 1?

Allow me to introduce Number 2, The Blinder:

No photo editing here - you can tell, can't you!!! And I am not honestly sure why I wanted to keep my scarf on - maybe to protect my face from the blinding rays? Hmm. Something to ponder. The skirt is V1282 BTW.

I was tempted to make this blinding little white number when I saw Erika B.'s version.  When Anne of Pretty Grievances used her magic to grant me temporary membership to the Erika B. club, I really thought I should get myself sorted, and was happy to find a suitable piece of fabric (stretch pique, I believe, from Tessuti Fabrics a while back) in my stash.

And sorted I am!  I am extremely, silly-smile, lightheaded happy with this top - I just love the clean look of the top and the sharp tight lines of the bodice, letting loose into a crazy crisp peplum.  Crumples like mad of course...

The top is as before with my original Troubadour top, but made with a bit more ease all over. I added facings to the neckline (finished neatly then hand-stitched to the zip seams and shoulder seams), and a facing to the peplum - this because I wanted weight in that curve, and I wanted a super-neat finish with no annoying puckers. This too is a hem that is hand sewn, as are the small sleeve ends. And instead of doing a little light gathering of the sleeve heads I made little pleats there.

Although this has taken me a while to (hand)finish and post, it feels like a move in the right sewing direction for me.  Since I don't throw things out often, I don't really need new clothes; if I'm making more I should be taking care to make things I really like.

PS in case you're wondering why there are no words, pictures or cute smiles edited onto these photos it's purely due to the lateness of the hour. I know I've been away ages - thank you so much for sticking with me!


  1. I am seeing peplums pop up everywhere, and I really want to find time to sew so that I can get on this bandwagon before the fad passes. This white version will carry you well into spring and be a versatile player in your wardrobe.

  2. Super work on this one! I love it, looks very wearable with a multitude of bottoms...and the scarf is for the cold winter Melbourne weather!

  3. I love this pattern as well. I made a sleeveless version, and would love to make another with sleeves. This top is so nice on you!

  4. Oh, styling, fabric choice- this is all so perfect. Another one to envy and admire. I was already over summer and now I see a long sleeved version and I must have one, too!


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