Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Melbourne Frocktails - the Frocks!

I have just had the most amazing weekend - a weekend in Melbourne with the loveliest bunch of sewists from Melbourne, Sydney, Port Macquarie and even New Zealand. I imagine you want to see the photos?

Well come on in then! Everyone's getting to know each other...

I'm terrible with names so you'll have to introduce yourself, but everyone's really friendly :). And if you're anything like me you might find you already "know" some of the unfamiliar faces - everyone's getting name / instagram stickers to wear.

ALL the standard frocktail games go down a treat - "Guess That Pattern", "Feel That Fabric" (permission required for this one), "Is That Silk?", "Ooh I Have That Fabric In My Stash!", "Do I / Don't I (Follow You On Instagram)" (complexity dependent on Instagram selfie level), and "Didn't You Only Finish That Last Night?"...

So many amazing dresses, tops, skirts and jackets; so much awesome fabric; so much FUN!

I'm really hoping most of the frocktail creations are going to be blogged so I can see them in good light and in detail ...

And yes, I will blog about my cape and my dress!

After 6 or 7 hours the crowd will thin out...

And people will start making their way...

.. to the chips before bed!

Come back next year!

Thank you very, very much to Kat (of the deep red, sleeveless, plunging V-necked gown in a couple of the photos above) for organising the Melbourne frocktails party and a host of events before and after the party. I imagine it was a huge amount of work! I believe Kat is already thinking about the next Melbourne frocktails... and if that's too far for you to travel, look out, frocktails parties are cropping up everywhere! 


If I didn't get a photo of you OR my photo is so dreadful it makes you feel ill (yes, I know a couple of the photos are appallingly unflattering!) I am very, very sorry - I'll try to do better next time!

See you soon

- Gabrielle xx

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