Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Fleece Hoodies

Over the weekend I made my daughter a couple of Burda fleece hoodies.

First up I made a red hoodie, worn on Saturday:

The pattern I used is Burda 9614, a unisex pattern that includes sizes 3 to 13. I sewed a combination of view D (the hoodie) and view A (regular long sleeves as opposed to the layered sleeves of view D) in a size 8, which is intended to fit a child 128 cm tall (just a couple of cm taller than my daughter). The pattern is semi-fitted, and I think it's normally intended for a much lighter cotton jersey BUT it works well in a thicker fabric so long as the fabric has a good amount of stretch, as does this red fleece.

And then I made a checked pink and cream one, worn on Sunday and Monday:

Top stitching fleece is just painful, and I wasn't happy with my stitching on the curved pocket openings and lower line of the red pocket, so I added some seam lines to the pink and cream version with the intention of (1) getting rid of the curves and (2) getting rid of the top stitching. I guess I didn't think it through properly though, so although I did get rid of the curves I still left myself a lot of unpleasant top stitching. Oh well... I've left it as is, and hopefully the kind of people who notice messy top stitching will be distracted by all the check matching - front seams, pocket, side seams, and upper back to sleeve backs..

I've used this pattern (Burda 9614) many times before for both the hoodie and the long sleeved t-shirt pattern, and I really like the fit for a tall, slim child. Using a thick fleece I probably should have gone up a size in widths, as the pink and cream checked hoodie is apparently a bit too snug (this fabric has less stretch than the red fleece). And I should really remember by now that my kids have longer heads than the Burda average - every time I've made this hood it's been a bit short.

Next time I need to make a kid's hoodie I'm thinking to try Burda 9482, which looks - at least in pattern envelope photos - to be a much looser fit, with raglan sleeves and a bigger hood with a raised neckline.

I can't say I particularly enjoy sewing fleece, but sewing these up gives me back a little fabric space, and addresses my daughter's lack of warm jumpers. Is it just me, or is it hard to find proper warm winter RTW jumpers for girls? I haven't been searching that hard, but I get the impression from what I see in the city shops that girls are supposed to look pretty and not feel the cold - all year round. I know girls are tough, but seriously...

Back soon with some selfish sewing!

See you soon
- Gabrielle xx


  1. Love those! The plead matching is great! I have to bookmark this, after all both my sporty kids live in hoodies and jeans so I find it very useful. And the size goes up to 13...great!!!

  2. I could actually use a warm fleece hoodie for myself! These look great Gabrielle! I have never sewn fleece but can only imagine that top stitching it would be tricky.

  3. Gabrielle Corbett8 July 2014 at 08:12

    Thanks Merche! Yes, hoodies are perfect for sporty kids... Fyi the pattern I used here has a girly pattern cover but I've used it for my son too. The more recent burda *looks* more unisex on the pattern cover and includes leggings and loose pants (I'm thinking PJs).

  4. Gabrielle Corbett8 July 2014 at 08:35

    Ha, so could I, but for myself it'd have to have cleaner stitching ;). Thank you Margo, I guess on the plus side it sews quickly and doesn't fray. And actually the top stitching is just like for other stretch fabrics, it's more the edge stitching that's challenging - late night blogging, I mixed up my terminology!

  5. I love both those fleeces.... I made me one last week too. I hate sewing it but boy is it quick! (and warm!)

  6. Gabrielle Corbett8 July 2014 at 09:40

    Thanks Sofie! Ha, I know - so not fun, but at at least they are quick and get a heap of wear!

  7. Oh man if only my little one would wear a pullover. They look super cozy and in my humble opinion, supercool. Apparently I know nothing though when it comes to my 4 year old. And selfish sewing? There's no crafting of any sort going on over here at Casa SewJillian. 2014 is turning into a super ridiculous year. I need more time! Enjoy your selfish sewing!

  8. Gabrielle Corbett8 July 2014 at 16:50

    Oh dear, we went through a stage of no jackets, no gloves, no hats and no blankets with my son when he was little. And it coincided with a trip to New York in April, where it snowed! I swear everyone thought we were cruel parents... Hopefully your daughter will move on from this phase by next winter :).

    I'm sorry to hear you're so busy - you mentioned how much you had on in a recent blog post, didn't you... No knitting either? I get a bit cranky when I don't get any sewing time, so I hope the lack of craft isn't driving you nuts! Can you at least do some sketches of what you *want* to do, for future reference?

  9. You know what? I'm too exhausted mentally and physically to even consider crafting. I'm occasionally working on my glorious cardigan, but seriously sometimes I'd just prefer a glass of wine and some mindless tv. I was going to start a fabulous Tokyo jacket, but was heartbroken when my planned stash fabric was too small (border print, so no short cuts or weird piecing possible), so I'm going to get onto a Libby skirt as that seems easy enough to knock over and I neeeeeeed a skirt. In the meantime I need to find a kimono style jacket pattern to use my stash fabric as it truly needs to be a kimono :) maybe I'll just draft one...

  10. You're so right - all the girl's cardigans and jumpers are thin and not at all warm. Not that my daughter will wear warm clothes either! Maybe I could convince her if I made a pink hoodie like this

  11. Gabrielle Corbett8 July 2014 at 19:12

    It's crazy isn't it! I don't understand why there can't be pretty cosy jumpers for sale - not everyone sews or knits! My daughter usually goes for whatever is prettiest, but interestingly she hasn't even been tempted by her collection of pretty cardis since she tried on the red hoodie on Saturday :) so I think it'd be worth a try...

  12. Gabrielle Corbett8 July 2014 at 22:16

    Oh no, you must be SERIOUSLY exhausted! A glass of wine and some mindless TV is the perfect antidote - until you've got your energy up! Well the Tokyo jacket looks like it'd be gorgeous in something lightweight for summer, so it can wait - but a Libby skirt in the meantime sounds great

  13. Great hoodies and I really like the pink one!


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