Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Year's Eve - Little Dress

The last day of 2013, and I was at home with my partner and kids. No playdate for my daughter and she was bored - so we made her a dress. 

The red and white check polycottton is from my daughter's tiny stash, a 1 metre piece of fabric I bought years ago at Lincraft.  The relatively straightforward old dress pattern is from my huge stash and probably comes from a second hand store. We made a size 6, lengthened and taken in but still too wide - apparently my daughter is very tall and very skinny for her age, but I do generally find the Big 4 kid's patterns far too wide for my skinny kids.  

Simplicity 7050
We laid out pattern pieces, pinned them down and cut them out together. I pinned the fabric together and my daughter sewed side seams and skirt to bodice seams on the machine my mum gave her (the one I learnt to sew on!). The zip is pretty dodgy looking, but I sewed that part and it was sewn under extreme verbal and physical impatience!  It was all pretty quick except for those daisies on the join between front skirt and bodice - sewing them on by hand took me well over an hour. 

The dress was ready for New Year's Eve when we went off to meet up with rellies to see the 9pm fireworks. Someone was very proud: 

Not perfect sewing, but I think it's cute... a grownup version would be equally easy, and would be pretty comfortable in the heat. 

So that was the last project for 2013 - a little bit of unselfish sewing.  And today I finished up the first project of 2014 - a Moss Mini for myself!  I think it fits and looks pretty good, but I probably need to wait to see the photographic evidence from our beach outing this afternoon... 

Hope you're having a great weekend!

See you anon

- Gabrielle x


  1. Your daughter looks lovely in her new dress and can understand why she is so proud.

  2. Thank you Sharon, you're very kind. I don't love kid sewing as much as adult sewing, but it is a terrific feeling to make someone happy.

  3. Oh that's so cool! Can't wait for my little one to be old enough to sew. We just made her first sewn softy this Xmas and she was so very proud of her "sewing". Your little one's dress is just perfect, because she made it :)

  4. I know - it's so exciting when they're old enough to join in the fun! The time will absolutely fly past though I'm sure; soon enough they'll be demanding complex cocktail frocks :)


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