Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cityscape Skirt

Planned in February, cut in March, sewn in May, worn in June... another (the absolute last I think) V1174 Cynthia Steffe skirt:

This time around (as opposed to the three V1174 skirts you saw in March's OWOP, or in Me Made May'12) it's made from silk, it's lined, and I made it with no waist band - I'm guessing that's best when you're very short-waisted like me.

The invisible zip is pretty hard to see - which is of course a good thing. [Can you see it? It's in the centre back seam.]

To stabilise the waist seam between silk and lining I sewed in a waist stay - you can't see it here, but it's doing a fine, functional job. And there's a reasonably successful (for lightweight silk) blind hem.

What else can I say....

I think I've said anything I had to say in earlier V1174 posts here and here and in the OWOP posts here.

The fabric is interesting... this was a remnant piece of silk I got from Tessuti Fabrics probably a couple of years ago, when I used to frequent their Sydney CBD shop. It does have a direction to the print - although I don't know that there's a right way up - and the print reminds me of the sharp edges of city buildings, maybe as seen through a rained-on windscreen.

Finally - well, just that I really like this wall, which we* stumbled on at lunch when we were "location scouting".  I just can't decide if I want it more as a t-shirt or a necklace :-)

* that's my fabulous photography colleague Marylene and I

More sewing posts to come when I can get myself organised for photos - a dress and a top are done, and there's a jacket and coat not too far off too.

See you!


  1. Fabulous skirt. I love the fabric. I haven't tried sewing with silk as I am a bit scared it might be quite a slippery customer so I am very impressed at your invisible invisible zip (mine are always still a little bit visible!)

  2. Thanks! This fabric wasn't scary really - not the absolute slipperiest sort of silk by far. You definitely should try sewing with silk - adjust the tension to avoid puckering and then just go slowly!

    Also to be really honest, it's very easy to make an invisible zipper disappear with such a thin fabric - just because it's so thin you can sew right to the edge of the coils :-). So does that sell silk to you???

    1. I am tempted now, especially if I could make the zip disappear - I will put it on my to-do list!

  3. That wall reminds me of the new Cadbury chocolate bars.

    Lovely skirt. I aim to have more coloured skirts in my winter wardrobe but silk would be a little fine for my climate.

    Thank you for your comments on my scarf. If you can knit, you should give it a try. It isn't as difficult as it looks.

    1. Oh what a lovely thought - a chocolate wall! I can think of a few others I'd like to see in wall form...

      Thanks, before sewing I seemed to major in black skirts, but it's fun to vary things a bit. Silk feels so nice on but yes, it doesn't add much warmth!

      I have tried knitting a long time ago but I find it really hard... I'm sure I couldn't make lovely knitted things like you!

  4. ooh, you were one of the lucky people to get their hands on some of that broken glass shards fabric! Such a lovely print. It's a great match with that teal top - looks lovely!

    1. Yes, I was; I reckon I got the last of it, it was a remnant! Evidently it took me ages to work out what to do with it though :-) - I really struggle with prints!

  5. What a beautiful skirt - you match the wall behind you ! Looks like you will be able to wear this with lots of different tops too.


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