Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Stripe Stripe (Vogue 1174 skirt + self-drafted t-shirt)

Sewing has slowed round here recently due to Christmas distractions, but I have made a couple of stripey numbers that I am thinking will get a lot of wear over summer - assuming summer actually comes back...

First up, this is a stripey skirt made from the skirt pattern pieces from Vogue 1174 and a home decorating fabric that was living in my stash:

I quite like this as a skirt pattern, although I think it would be a better pattern if the front pleats and back darts moved out as the size went up. However, the fact that they don't means this is an incredibly easy skirt to take in - all the sizing variation is in the side seams.

This skirt has helped me with working out my skirt sizing too. I cut a size 18, took it in to a size 16, and it's still a little too big but likely to shrink on the first wash (no, this time I didn't pre-wash)... and if it doesn't shrink enough it will be really easy to take in.  

Actually, viewed side on like that it does definitely look too big doesn't it!

My son approves ("you look very nice mummy!"), and I'll probably use this skirt pattern again - but next time around those central pleats are going to be moved closer together.

Easy to make, has pockets, definitely wearable and I learnt something to boot.


Secondly, a self-drafted stripey t-shirt. The fabric is an el cheapo bought at Lincraft about a year ago, and the stripes wavered so much on the edges that even though I started with a couple of metres it was really just enough to avoid the waves. The neckline started smaller than it appears - it stretched out before I attached the folded over band, and I was all out of the flat see-through elastic I usually sew into jersey necklines so it's probably still growing as I wear it :-).

I cut this out with the front neckline mirroring the back neckline so I could make sure the stripes would match up on the shoulders and side seams. Once everything was lined up I made the front neckline a bit deeper than the back. Seems silly to have bothered matching stripes for such poor quality fabric - but I guess it's all practice.

The sleeves are a nice loose shape that tapers in to be fitted just above the elbow - super comfy and yet no one's going to cop an eyeful of underarm and bra.


Again, this is a 'pattern' (though currently more of a drawing on tissue paper to be honest) that I'll probably re-use.  It's so loose that I think it could work in a woven fabric - and in a jersey it could be cut a bit smaller.

One of my little helpers took this next photo hence the genuine smile. He likes the fabric so I'm hoping to be able to eke out a junior t-shirt for him from the scraps. 


I don't know what's up next - my daughter wanted a princess dress for Christmas but they're just $20 at K-mart, and my partner wasn't enthusiastic about my offer to sew him a linen shirt - so now I don't have any Christmas sewing commitments. What about you? Are you sewing for Christmas?


  1. I really like the skirt. Your son is right, you do look very nice. It reminds me of Kate Spade.
    I think your tshirt works too. We all need loads of fun, casual Ts for everyday life.

  2. Love the skirt! Way to go on making your own design for the t-shirt. The design is really nice, especially with how you tapered the sleeves to keep it modest. I am still sewing for Christmas, but am making good progress :)

  3. I love your new stripes! Your skirt looks fantastic, I'm seeing lots of striped skirts on Pinterest too and I love them all. Your t-shirt just screams summer and I think it's great that you made the effort to match the stripes, even for a cheapy fabric, it makes the final garment that much nicer!

  4. LOVE the navy and white ensemble... well done!

  5. What perfect stripe matching on the skirt as well as the skirt...that is the sort of detail I usually only remember after I have cut.

  6. I am a sucker for striped fabrics. But when I get them home I don't know what to make out of the them. I love your two striped garments. The outfit with the striped skirt looks especially nice. You picked the perfect pattern for that fabric.

  7. Love both of those and particularly the skirt. It looks lovely and fresh and stylish. I'm hoping for some sewing time in that week after christmas but not quite sure if I'll be working - cross my fingers I won't. It sounds so nice having a few days pottering around making things doesn't it. Have a great Christmas Gabrielle.

  8. I really love the skirt - great pattern and fabric choices, it looks really lovely.

  9. You did a fabulous job matching those stripes up. The skirt looks great!

  10. Wonderful stripes-you look ready for warm weather. Great job on the tops also.

  11. I love that you matched up the stripes on the top. Lovely attention to detail which I think looks great.

  12. I love both projects.that skirt is such a great basic.maybe ill give it a whirl. I am sort of crazy for stripes too and I think every other project is striped. I like the vertical stripe idea. Very unique.

  13. I totally love your skirt! I have a thing for black and white stripes at the moment.

  14. That skirt is very nice indeed! What a sweet son you have.


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