Monday, 12 September 2011

Sneak Peek...

I am really close to finishing off some grey wool trousers - I've been troubling myself to make them nicely so I'm not going to rush to finish, photograph and blog them tonight.  No, instead I will show you the trouser feature I am feeling quite proud of - the fly:

Looking relatively smooth and untroubled from the outside...

And it's pretty neat on the inside isn't it? Well maybe not for you, but that's neat for me. AND it only took me 3 unpicks and resews to get it this way!  Hey, I didn't even forget the fly facing.


Not much of a post so far though is it.  Sorry. 

OK, this will be good - another special detail, by invitation only.  This is a detail that only you blog viewers will ever get to see and appreciate :-)  Look how nicely my seams match up!

Next post you can see the trousers properly.  I promise.


  1. Great job! Isn't it a lovely feeling when you get those intersecting seams to match up perfectly?!

  2. Your details are looking absolutely beautiful! You are so right to take it slow and make the most of the sewing process. I'm sure your trousers are going to be just magnificent!

  3. Thanks Eugenia. I was quite surprised they matched up so well!

    Thanks Carolyn. The problem now is follow-through... when I go slowly the sewing momentum tends to dissipate before I finish :-(


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