Monday, 24 June 2013

Cleansing the Palate

A quick project after some kids' leggings (too boring for shared photos, to be honest) and before sewing anything complex: some Tessuti Anita pants made from a gorgeous ponte fabric (also from Tessuti). 

This photo proves I've been wearing them outside of the house, but it doesn't show you the wonderful colour - so unfortunately I'm back to the side balcony photos :(

 That's better - but there's not much to say about a pair of ponte pants, even if they are blue!

Let me see. The Anita pants pattern is simple and quick to make.  The shaping (crotch, legs) seems pretty realistic, and since it's sewn from thick stretch ponte fabric you don't have to get the fit exactly right. I sewed the size that matched my measurements and it's quite a snug fit, so for a thicker ponte I'll probably go up a size. For me the waist is a tad long and the legs a little short (both normal for me and easy to adjust), but the pants are ultra comfortable and I know I'll be making more.  I even have the fabric ready!

And since I have nothing much to say about sewing these pants, I'm going to ramble about the colour these pants approximate. My latest favourite - International Klein Blue:

Blue Venus, Yves Klein

I think it should also be known as Matisse Blue though:

The Fall of Icarus, Henri Matisse
Blue Nude, Henri Matisse
Matisse prepared the Jazz prints (including The Fall of Icarus, above left) in 1947. The painting on the right is one of Matisse's Blue Nudes, from 1952.

Klein's painting career began, apparently, as a 19 year old (around 1947?) 'on the sand with friends, he looked upward and “signed the sky” as his first piece of art'.  He started painting monochromes in around 1949, but they weren't only blue. He apparently decided to really focus on the now famous Klein Blue from around 1958, and his gorgeous Blue Venus dates from 1962.

Looks like the same blue below though, and this one's an even earlier Matisse, from 1912-13:

Portrait of the Artists's Wife, Henri Matisse
As usual I'm running behind with my posts. This afternoon was the Sydney Sewists High Tea (yay! cake!), which was just as much fun as you'd expect, and perhaps more, but I can't post about it properly till I've transferred my photos to the computer and had a sleep.

And finally, it's probably time to move... everyone else has left the building... 

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  1. oo - I like them and the look like they fit well

  2. I've been looking at both this pattern and the fabric from Tessuti! Your pants looks so comfy yet stylish! Just love that colour. Can't wait to hear all about your blogger meet up.

  3. Very smart and the fit looks quite good, love the way you have style them.

  4. I really like these Gabrielle and I've been sitting on the fence about the Anita pants and ponti fabric itself. I sometimes feel it's a bit old-ladyish (the fabric that is), but these look fab. You may have sold me on them. I love your top too, is that a me-made??

  5. These are lovely! I've been looking at this pattern for ages now and I think you've just convinced me to give it a go - thanks! That colour is just gorgeous too.

  6. Very stylish! you have to love a pair of skinny trousers that fit you that good and in such a pretty colour. Thanks for all the info about the colour name. No idea. Matisse I knew but the names for colours are really confusing for me :)

  7. What a wonderful basic! I am sure that you will get so much wear out of these.
    I made a pair of cobalt blue jeans and I love them and always get compliments. Its a beatiful basic that is very instyle and modern and dresses up any occasion!

  8. Hi Gabrielle, it was great to catch up on Sunday at the high tea. I have some of that blue ponti from Tessuti, it is indeed a lovely colour

  9. That's a gorgeous pair of capris.. I love that vibrant colour too!

  10. SUCH an awesome Blue. Is it blue? Or Indigo? Or Purple? All I know is that I like it, especially matching with your purple top and irridescent pink lippie! Looking lovely ;)


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