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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tailored Boy's Shorts from Patrones Ninos

Here are some black linen tailored shorts I've just finished for my son - too late for the heatwave, but who could sew when it was so hot for so long?

Perfect for jumping in, apparently!

The pattern is number 13 from Patrones Ninos 288, made in a size 6 width and size 8 length.

I can't read Spanish and the pattern instructions (as you can see above) looked brief, so I didn't bother trying to translate but just looked at existing RTW shorts and followed David Coffin's general approach to trouser making and his details for making a proper fly (and I did better this time around than for my trousers :-)). The only conscious change I made was to add pleats in the front to narrow the waist for my string bean -  otherwise I think my shorts look pretty much like the pattern.  There was one pattern piece left over at the end (a rectangular piece that isn't a waistband or pocket flap - left of the shorts in the pic below).  I suppose it wasn't essential...

The fabric is a lightweight black linen from Tessuti fabrics, left over from a UFO dress started a few months ago. 

It's hard to see what the shorts look like when they're jumping about, so here they are laid flat:

front view
back view

velcro closing pockets
adjustable waistband

I don't tend to make too many clothes for my son so am glad to have made him something that was a bit more effort than a t-shirt.  The waist is adjustable so I'm hoping these will fit for the rest of this summer and next.

see ya later alligator!
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